La mue

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If the birds are in good health, of change it self usually unfolds.
Giving a good food that is important in balance because this stage is crucial for the birds. Give a contribution proteins and mineral salts that appoint vital elements to guarantee good changes.
The feathers are indeed appointed keratin.
The plumage's reflects the state health of the bird, aspect if the bird ails or endures defaulting a molt , will may it been long and partial and when one colors the Norwich, this itself usually translates back by differences color at the grade level the plumage .Bound birds can become what risks bicolor chances , to mortgage all the exhibitions and what disappointment for the amateur if he herself acts a good subject !
The feather has lasted limited life.
The plumage represents 10 % weight the bird thereabouts.
So that the molt is rapid, two important factors are likewise giving consideration the " light and the bath".
From as the period reproduction is ended , my birds origin artificial alone light , are private all the natural light is actuality .This drives them in a relative darkness .Friends of mine are amazed when they come and visits.
Except for the period of change, I like what appeases the reign in my bird room breeding. I offer the bath two times by week. I use solely bottled water mineral I add a salt bath to it (for pigeon) to eliminate the dust.
The salt softens and facilitates their renewal of feathers.
If leads astray an energy the bird one appraises a possible normal canary thereabouts that 1500 feathers , imagining that has to produce is easy .That phenomenon has often for effect carry a loss weight .He is easy about herself that account for state when one takes the bird hand : he is a lot flimsier .
Liked, some to us such counters the where he must the period think of the vaccination smallpox. It is why that cross period stress is original for a bird with a food diet beautifully adjusted.
One finds plenty good products currently, in commerce at bases chlorine and sources amino acids.
Two products are currently the unanimity at okay breeders; he itself acts a pollen and spirulina.
The pollen has been already in evidences as outstanding requirements the intestinal flora (elimination of bad bacteria, strengthening the system of the bird, wealth, in vitamins the family B whose the content can pass cells of sprout wheat.
Brief that pollen is very rich vital and elements it is why one can use it all year.
The second element, the spirulina has the microscopically seaweed it's fragrance I think is of a mixture hay and fish dried and the color is green.
The spirulina is by all means the richest food product in proteins and increase the contents at the highest levels of the basic amino acids.